Welcome! I currently reside just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, by way  of Wisconsin, the land of deep freezes and cheeses. I am a woman of many passions, art being one of them. I took up art as an outlet for stress relief and as a component of treating my mental health challenges. Since creating that first piece, I have discovered that through art I can truly unpack the complexity of my big emotions. 

When not creating, I am working on finishing up my Ph.D in Urban and Regional Analysis at UNC Charlotte, where I study community organizing and spatial justice. I teach a course in critical thinking and citizenship that strives to understand the complexities of volunteer service.  I also work as a program director at a nonprofit that supports families with children with special needs and disabilities. I am a mom myself to a fascinating 9 year old boy, who loves all things Doctor Who and science! I am fortunate to walk through life with my beautiful partner and fellow artist, Cynthia. Find her gorgeous work here. 

I am passionate about social justice, mental health, travel, special education, literature, body liberation, too many tv shows and good food! I also have a love affair with all things hailing from the UK. 


Juggling parenting a child with special needs, graduate school, teaching, and a full time job, while managing my mental health became nearly impossible. Until, I stumbled upon my love of my painting. I have always struggled with intense and extreme feelings, and channeling those into art has been especially therapeutic. 

I am a bonafide Ravenclaw, INFJ, and world wanderer. My wanderlust spirit, regularly take me across the globe. I thrive on change and experiencing new places, peoples and cultures. I welcome collaborations, feedback, and insights from people of all walks of life. I hope my work inspires you to embrace the beautiful mess that is being an emotional human. 

My artwork aims to bring humor, a sense of place, and community together.

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